Ten Books To Read If You Watch “Doctor Who”

Musings From Neville's Navel

Books! People never really stop loving books. Fifty-first century – by now you’ve got holovids, direct-to-brain downloads, fiction mist. But you need the smell. The smell of books, Donna!

– Tenth Doctor, “Silence in the Library”

Time for another Top Ten Tuesday link-up with The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s prompt is “top ten books to read if you like such-and-such TV show / movie / comic / play.” Basically, books to read if you like a certain thing in other forms of entertainment.

Be glad I chose neither Game of Thrones nor Sherlock because if I had this post would be very short and sarcastic: “They’re adaptations! So read the freaking original books already!” Anyway.

I picked Doctor Who because it is currently my favorite show. There are actually Doctor Who books – original stories, not novelizations of past episodes – and if you’re really really really into the…

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