Goodreads? Great site.


Anyone who knows me personally will already be fully aware of my distaste towards the digitalisation of literature i.e. keep your Kindle away from me. Those days where I can curl up with a good book in my hands, fumbling with bookmarks and dog eared pages, are just something technology haven’t been able to recreate and despite seeming old-fashioned for a seventeen year old, they don’t need to.

However, whilst perusing Google in the early hours of the morning, I stumbled across, amidst various searches for Halloween costumes for cats and food that looks like Benedict Cumberbatch, this great website called Goodreads.

On the site, you can create your own personal reading profile and even follow your friends’ profiles (which is great not only for motivating you to read as many books as your friends, but also to feel smug about it when you have read more than them!).

My favourite feature of the site, though, has got to be the Reading Challenge. New Year’s Resolutions are all well and good when you’re announcing them to your friends and family on New Year’s Day, but being honest, how many have actually been followed through the entire year? Well, this year I was determined to follow one particular resolution through: to read 1 book every week, which is where Goodreads comes in.

"Behind Schedule" - I had exams, I needed to revise! If only school textbooks counted...
“Behind Schedule” – I had exams, I needed to revise! If only school textbooks counted…

Having set the amount of books you want to read that year, you then add to your ‘Currently Reading’ shelf whatever book you’re currently reading (naturally) and check it off when you’re done. The Reading Challenge infobox thingymibob (I’m gifted with my technological knowhow), tells you all along, whether you’re on schedule and what percentage of your challenge you’ve fulfilled and I’ve got to say, it really does motivate you to read.

Not only that but you can also contribute to forums about your favourite books, leave reviews, take quizzes and, the most important feature of all, be introduced to brand new books.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, sign up, and add me 🙂

Happy (Good)reading!


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